700 Club

We are excited to launch a new “700” Club to help meet our phase 2 goal of $100,000. So far today we have raised over $30,000.  If we have 700 people to donate $100 each, we will easily surpass this goal.  If you have already donated to the Bohanon Scholarship Endowment, we thank you!  If you have yet to make a contribution or could not make it to the Banquet, you can be a part of the 700 Club by donating here.  If you know someone who would like to contribute feel free to send them to our page.  Your name will appear on the “700” Club page as a thank you and you will receive a DVD of the 2016 IMPACT Honors Banquet.

If you do not have a pay pal account, you can send a check to IMPACT Cookeville P.O. Box 951, Cookeville, TN 38503-0951.  Please make sure your check is marked “700 Club” and your correct mailing address is there to receive your DVD copy of the 2016 IMPACT Honors Banquet program.

700 Club Contributors:

  1. Jimmy Mackie

  2. Randy Porter

  3. Lanise Rosemond

  4. Kevin Christopher

  5. Renaldo Erskine

  6. Perryn Rice

  7. Tao Alvarez

  8. Lee Moore

  9. Cheryl Moore

  10. Freddie McClennon

  11. Dorothy McClennon

  12. Quintion Cancel

  13. Kristea Cancel

  14. Harry Ingle

  15. Curtis Hayes

  16. Dr. Jeffery Moore

  17. Mrs. Jill Moore

  18. Mrs. Lauren Christopher

  19. Cedric Palmer

  20. Carolyn Philips

  21. Princeton Carter

  22. Amber Flynn-Jared

  23. Jean and Bobby Davis

  24. Dave Riddell

  25. Martin Medley Jr.

  26. Morris Irby

  27. Hooper, Huddleston, Horner

  28. Robert and Dana Owens

  29. Charles Carr

  30. Ricky Cabrera

  31. Philip and Kari Oldham

  32. Jim Wright

  33. Ford Lincoln of Cookeville

  34. Jeffrey Jones

  35. Wali Kharif

  36. Elouise Jackson

  37. Nichole Hoose

  38. Michael Swallows

  39. Brewington Auction & Realty

  40. Jon E. Jones

  41. Paul Bailey

  42. Jeffrey Rahming

  43. Diane Rahming

  44. Tim McGill

  45. Kathy McGill

  46. Home caregivers

  47. Roberts Street Church of Christ

  48. First National Bank

  49. Trinity Baptist

  50. One Hour Martinizing

  51. Livingston Regional Hospital

  52. Tracey Franklin

  53. Tony Patoto

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