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Building leaders…Changing lives


index36About Us:

IMPACT Leadership is a civic minded, minority based organization that is designed to implement a Leadership program that strives to develop minority leaders. We do this through skills training, building awareness of our community, and through the collaborative efforts of our corporate sponsors and community leaders.

IMPACT Leadership is a unique program with purpose and results.


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Our Story:

IMPACT Leadership grew out of I.M.P.A.C.T. as the civic services we provide continue to stretch and reach into all aspects and all ages and all peoples of the Cookeville and Upper Cumberland area.

IMPACT Leadership Mission:

The mission of IMPACT Leadership is to develop and promote leadership among the minority community for outstanding civic-minded leadership to affect the needs of Putnam County.

IMPACT Leadership Vision:                Affecting Positive Change:

It is the vision of IMPACT Leadership to transform Putnam County community involvement by providing IMPACT Leadership class members with education, connection and Board placement for continued commitment by both the IMPACT Leadership graduate and the IMPACT Leadership Board Partners.

What is the goal of IMPACT Leadership?

IMPACT Leadership’s goal is to identify and engage civic-minded minorities within the Upper Cumberland area; to provide them with an overview of the composition of our community; to develop and promote these citizens to their fullest potential for leadership; to acquaint them with the best possible networking resources; to train and enhance leadership skills and board training advancement; to impact their leadership at work, in the community, and as individuals; and to influence positive minority growth and expansion of the minority population in Putnam County.

Our Success:

I.M.P.A.C.T. has successfully grown to be recognized as a generous, community minded organization with integrity to encourage positive change for the betterment of all. We affect the lives of under-privileged children to senior citizens; we acknowledge successful students as well as contributing adults; and we know how to shape our future by building leaders and changing lives.


Our Events:

IMPACT Leadership events will be posted soon.


Contact Us:

Address – P.O. Box 951 Cookeville, TN 38503

Phone – 931.246.6655


                                                                       Impact Leadership Board Members


Dr. Michael Torrence                                                     Dwight Henry                                                                  Felix Villa
Chairman                                                                            Public Relations                                                             Marketing

Dr. Bharat Soni                                                                Desiree Duncan                                                           Marc Burnett
Vice Chair                                                                         Public  Relations                                       Community & Programming Affairs

Andrea Burckhard                                                             Chris Shah                                                                 Dr. Robert Owens
Secretary/Treasurer                                                         Marketing                                               Community & Programming Affairs

                                                                                             Cindy Schueman
                                                                                            Executive Director